Carbon Charge Pilot Units

Carbon Charge Pilot Unit Building
Department of Athletics Gilder Boat House
Department of Economics 30 Hillhouse Ave
Department of Music Stoeckel Hall
Department of Sociology 204 Prospect St
Office of International Affairs & Center for the Study of Globalization Affairs Betts House
Office of the President Woodbridge Hall
Peabody Museum Peabody Museum of Natural History
Program on Ethics, Politics & Economics Allwin Hall
School of Art 32-36 Edgewood Ave
School of Forestry & Environmental Studies Kroon Hall
School of Management Edward P. Evans Hall
School of Medicine Yale Physicians Building
School of Public Health Lab of Epidemiology and Public Health
Yale College Berkeley College
  Jonathan Edwards College (Weir Hall)
  Pierson College
  La Casa Cultural
Yale Divinity School Sterling Divinity Quad
Yale Health Yale Health Center
Yale Law School Baker Hall