Occupied / Unoccupied Scheduling

Most Yale buildings are split into zones, each controlled by its own air handler. If you need space conditioning on at a time of low occupancy (night, summer hours, etc.), consider concentrating activities in just one zone of the building, so that the majority of air handlers do not need to be in use.

  • Example: A building administrator may ask that group meetings are limited to the first floor of a building during the summer, so that air conditioning does not need to be run (or is run less intensively) on other floors.
  • Example: A residential college may limit use of dining hall facilities during non-meal hours, and reduce energy use for this zone.

The Operations Center at 344 Winchester may automatically schedule your buildings’ heating/cooling based on your program use, etc. and may be able to make recommendations for building use changes that may reduce energy costs. Operations center information can be found at http://java.facilities.yale.edu/customerService.shtml